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A mission for the Earth and Future Children

Plant a Tree, For Your child & loved one's.

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Save Earth

By Planting a tree by each person, we can save the earth and play against of pollution.

Keep pollution Free

Plants are the only solution to clean the air. As per the current time demands we must go for it.

Breath Healthy

Clean air keeps you healthy and you can enjoy your life with your healthy body.

Gift Your Child

One plant is the best gift to your child for any occasion. It will give healthy life to your child

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Sign Up & Register your land with us for the plantation and help in the mission of Green Bharat.

Verify By Experts

Our Expert will visit your land and Verify your land documents and test your soil to suggest the plants.

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Green Bharat, Allocate plants suitable for your land and notify you for the plantation.

Get all Benefits

Get each month renew, Take care of plant and plant will be yours for the lifetime.

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Earn Money by planting trees at your lands

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A mission for the Earth and Future

Plant a Tree

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Order plant without any hassle from your home at very low cost-Only 2 Rs. / day

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Green Bharat, Allocate plants to any land and notify you for the successful allocation.

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Track Your Order from your Green Bharat App or Website at your home.

Keep Smile

Plantation gives you a hidden immense feeling of happiness.

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Register and Plant a Tree.

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Green Bharat, Allocate plants to land.

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